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IP network touch screen server


Main features:
★ IP network broadcast touch control center, the industrial IPC chassis design (6U), chassis with steel structure, the use of SSD solid state drive more secure and reliable
★ Adopt 15.6 inches large screen, touch screen control easy to use
★ System Equipped with powerful media resources program library management and storage capabilities for channel broadcasting, instant broadcasting, scheduled tasks and the use of the terminal on-demand programs
★ system provides powerful channel broadcast management capabilities to support multiple sets of channel broadcast online synchronization broadcast, each channel broadcast Can support the timing task management mode or manual control management mode
★ The system has multiple sets of scheduled task management program to support multi-mode scheduled tasks, timing tasks can be cycle control cycle, but also by the day-to-day task execution, through flexible timing task configuration , Fully suitable for a variety of complex applications
★ system provides flexible terminal demand management capabilities, with rich on-demand program library for flexible selection of terminals on-demand, support multi-terminal synchronous on-demand management
★ system support and peripherals linkage control management, with Matrix, amplifier, District system centralized configuration and task timing control management
★ All the equipment of this system has the function of running offline and can run independently in the network independently from the server.
★ Support remote control of mobile APP, remote control of terminal playing through mobile phone, volume can be Channel play, remote control. Can also play the songs inside the phone directly to the specified terminal
★ Support for embedded development of third-party platform system to provide standard development protocol, to achieve mutual integration between the platforms (monitoring dispatching system, hotel guest control system, building visitor system)
★ System integration LED information release, audio and video remote control multimedia control software. Can release information, audio and video files released unified management
★ Support TTS voice synthesis package, the standard tone quality
★ Support WAV song format, compatible with the standard college entrance examination for foreign language listening system songs.

  • IP network touch screen server

Main technical parameters: Screen size: 15.6 inches; Screen color: TFT24 true color; Control mode: 1024 * 768 resolution LCD resistive (four lines) touch screen; Drive type: DVD drive; Standard Interface: External RJ45 standard interface 1 A, 100M / 1000M network port 1, USB port 3, built-in serial port 6, parallel port 1, VGA 1; support protocol: TCP / IP UDP UDP IGMP ICMP ARP support cross-gateway cross-routing Configuration, with offline function; Motherboard: Intel NM10 chipset, X86 architecture; standard interface: 1 × PS / 2 interface; 6 × serial port; 1 × parallel port; 1 × VGA; Memory: DDR3 1600MHZ 2G (optional memory capacity 4G or greater); NIC: REALTEK integrated network card; graphics: INTEL integrated graphics; sound card REALTEK integrated sound card, support for 2/4 / 5.1 channel output, high definition audio; CPU: Intel ATOM D2550, dual-core four-thread X86, 1.86GHz; System audio signal SNR: LINE: 70dB; MIC: 60dB; System audio signal distortion: 1KHz <0.3%; System audio signal standard input level: LINE: 250mV; MIC: 5mV; System audio signal standard output level: 0dBV; audio format: PCM No compression format), ADPCM, MP3, WAV, OGG; Channel number: Channel 30, on-demand 30 Road, recording 15 Road; load capacity: 500 terminals; power failure Restart recovery time: less than 30 seconds off, Network less than 1 second Storage capacity: Industrial SSDs with optional 32G / 64G / 128G / 256G / 512G SSDs Transmission rate: 10 / 100Mbps Audio mode: Network packets, CD quality Operating temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃; Working humidity: 10% ~ 90%; Power consumption: ≤50W; Power supply: AC110 ~ 240V / 50Hz; Dimension: 482 × 320 × W × 310 ; Weight: 13.2Kg.