Wireless Main host


  • Wireless  Main host
  • Wireless  Main host
  • Wireless  Main host

1)Wireless host and wireless radio frequency technology (u band), supports video tracking;

2)System adopts a combination of digital and analog circuit technique, and HD line design that generates high tone quality CD sound effect;

3)Allows to use 10 sets of systems at one time in a same environment. Each system can support one chairman and 250 representatives;

4)Simultaneous speaking quantity is one chairman or one representative, and has FIFO;

5)Working distance is 60M; can realize video trakcing, system which has 4 groups of video interfaces can directly connect 4 cameras to realize video automatic switching. Computer software debugging can deviate computer to use;

6)Modulation FM; oscillation; PLL phase locked frequency synthesis; carrier frequency band: UHF620 - 840mhz; sensitivity; at offset it is equal to 25 kHz, input 6dBv; S/N>60Db; bandwidth:30MHz, maximum offset:+-45KHz; S/N ratio >105dB; frequency response: 45Hz - 17.8KHZ +-1dB; output socket; XLR parallel and 6.3 non-parallel socket; effective working distance:60 meters,power supply: DC12V - 16V, 10W.