Chairman Unit


  • Chairman Unit
  • Chairman Unit
  • Chairman Unit

1)Has setted a speaking button of priority, and can select a music prompt tone when prioritizing speaking;has two independent earphone ports and one external mic input port, unit has a red ring working indicator;

2)Base and mic tune adopt a  separation design, which makes overal structure looks professional; adopts a super pointing condenser mic to realize high quality voice pickup;

3)SNR:70dB; sensitivity: -52dB/Pa; frequency response 90Hz-11.5KHz; headphone output: 3.5mm headphone socket x 1; 8P-DIN (2.1 meters); microphone input: high pointing electret microphone; power supply:DC24V ; external dimension: 147*185*55 (unit: mm), microphone tube: 400mm; color: grey