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1)Has vote/discussion/video tracking function; system host incorporated digital and analog circuit develop and design; menu LCD displays Chinese or English interface for viewing;

2)Quadoutput, wich supports 250 units. System supports multiple chairman units. Supports protocols of PALCO, P/D and SONY, SAMSUNG, and can customize protocols of various brands, mutiple speaking modes: limiting mode, chairman mode, FIFO,etc.; 

3)Can set self-closing and timing speaking when the mic doesn't speak; has fuctions of approval, reject and waiver;system unit has modes of automatic checking, speaking mode innovating, FIFO, speaking limiting,etc.; add one channel of audio aux intput;

4)System has 4 channels of video interfaces that cna directly connect to 4 cameras to realize video automatic switching, audio signal has added a module of high speed magnifying, to ensure the image doesn't lose the disortion during the remote transmission; has RS-232 interface that can connect computer to set and operate the system;

5)Chairman/representative unit interface; 8PDIN socket x 4; telephone interface coupler: RCA socket x 2; audio input; RCA (RCA socket) 1 x; 6.3 socket x 1; audio output 1:RCA socket x 1; 6.3 socket x 1; output balance: XLR x 1; PTZ communication port; 485 x 1; computer communication interface: 232 x 1; video input: RCA socket x 4; video output: RCA socket x 1; frequency response; 70Hz-13.2kHz; SNR:80dB; sensitivity: - 15dB; host power supply:AC220V/50Hz; current:2A; color: gray; external dimensions (L * w * h) 483*323*90 units (: mm)