Main Host


  • Main Host

1)Digital discussion conference system host: system uses digital HD circuits, adopts LCD operation interface, host have two channels of outputs;

2)Input/output audio siganl can be adjusted independently, has output interface of recording signal;

3)Each system channel can connect 30 units, and supports to 15 chairman units, has conference modes of auto, discussion, chairman, and full opening, and has functions like FIFO, voice control to open microphone etc.;

4)Chairman / representative unit interface; round DIN-8 socket interface x 2; microphone sensitivity -55dB; audio input; RCA (RCA socket) 1 x; audio output; RCA (RCA socket) 1 x; XLR (XLR) 1 x; frequency response; 95Hz-13.8kHz; SNR:70dB, host power supply: AC220V/50Hz; current loss: 450mA. color: black; external dimensions (L * w * h) 430*220*45 (unit: mm)