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Jusbe efficient paperless conference system applied to a conference hall project in Zhaoqing

2018/10/12 14:58:16

1.Background of the project

Zhaoqing City is located in the midwest of Guangdong Province, middle reaches of Xijiang river. The total land area is 14,900 square kilometers. The ancient name is Duanzhou, which is the origin of the China's top four famous inkstone-- Duan inkstone. 

With the development of information technology, in order to improve the efficiency of the conference, a company in Zhaoqing selected Jusbe to build a high-efficiency paperless conference project with a modern and intelligent 15-seat unit for its 80-square-meter conference hall.

2.Project Requirement

According to the customer's needs, combined with the situation on the spot, usbe designed a paperless conference system, hand-in-hand conference system, professional sound system, central control matrix system, recording and broadcasting system, whole set solution, in a conference hall of a company in Zhaoqing. It meets the daily work discussion meetings, video conferences and multi-purpose conferences. This set of conference system is reasonable in design, stable in system, perfect in function and convenient in operation. Compared with the traditional meeting mode, the meeting efficiency is greatly improved, and the meeting process is simplified and optimized.

3.System Introduction 

The conference system is mainly used in paperless meetings for daily work, adapting to the current fast-paced working environment, making it more efficient, safe and convenient, and in line with the advocacy of “green, low-carbon and energy-saving”.

Function realization:

1. Conference management from the preparation before the meeting, to the control in the meeting, and after the meeting to organize the entire process of intelligent management, convenient and fast.

2. Meet daily work meetings, video conferences, multi-functional meetings and other requirements.

3. The system is easy to use, manage and maintain, and has strong stability.

4. The function is extensible, supports simultaneous conferences and cloud platform conferences.

5. The matrix peripheral control support switching scheduling of the conference audio and video; the video tracking and positioning is fast and accurate, quiet and stable.

6. The conference system conforms to the international mainstream international standards, adopts digital audio processing and transmission technology, and the system runs stably with clear sound quality and strong anti-interference ability.

7. Meet conference room management, voting, sign-in, screen projection, data encryption upload and download, annotation, electronic whiteboard, one-click archiving, security and other requirements.

4.Customer Feedback

1) Reduced preparation time for the conference, ready to use, easy and worry-free, energy saving and environmental protection;

2) The whole system equipment has stable performance, strong functional applicability, simple maintenance and high safety factor;

3) Simple operation, convenient switching, rich functions and excellent experience;

4) The sound quality is clear and without interference when speaking and discussing .


Wisdom education, military, public security system, energy transportation industry, government agencies, cultural and sports tourism industry, medical industry, logistics industry


Company Introduction:

Jusbe International Group Co., Ltd. is registered in the United States and Hong Kong. It is a group company that combines high-tech and traditional industries. The company gradually shifts from a single business model to providing customers with comprehensive solutions.

It is a large-scale, professional audio technology enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. The group company has an independent R&D center, and the R&D team is composed of highly educated, high-level professionals with rich experience in sound research and development. With a number of holding subsidiaries, as well as offices throughout the country and a comprehensive agent sales network, the products are exported to many countries around the world.