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The seventy-second session of the China education equipment exhibition ended, Jusbe (jusbe) representation of brand strength

2017/5/12 15:00:45

On May 9, 2017, the 72nd China Education Equipment Exhibition in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, where "Blessed State" and "Beautiful State" ended successfully. The China Education Equipment Exhibition has been held since 1980 and has been successfully held for 72 sessions. It has now become a professional exhibition, brand exhibition and traditional industry event with extensive influence in the field of education in China. There are more than 1,200 exhibitors in this exhibition, which is the largest educational equipment exhibition in history in China.

In this exhibition, Jusbe audio carefully prepared the "High Distance Telephony Pickup Solution", "2.4G Wireless Super Anti-interference Solution", "Paperless Intelligent Interactive Solution", and "Extra-Wide 180" ° Five levels of Horizontal Diffusion Line Array Column System and Campus IP Broadcasting Solution have shown customers different areas of sound reinforcement solutions.

According to the relevant data, there are a total of 2,879 colleges and universities in the country, up to 300,000 multimedia classrooms are under construction and upgrading. At the same time, the main points of education informatization in 2017 pointed out that multimedia classrooms account for 80% of the total. Therefore, the multimedia classroom information construction is imminent.

One of the highlights of Jusbe's latest launch of the program is the elimination of the shackles of the traditional program on the speaker. The speaker walks around in the classroom without wearing any pickup equipment. The processing chip uses AI artificial intelligence speech separation feedback to eliminate The algorithm can achieve good sound reinforcement effects regardless of whether the speaker is far or close to the microphone. Energy saving and environmental protection, easy maintenance, no need to charge the microphone, the system default is successful, no need to debug, one-click boot, the system is normally used.

The 2.4G Bluetooth wireless microphone is a difficult problem in the 2.4G wireless sound reinforcement technology. The 2.4G wireless sound reinforcement belongs to the electromagnetic transmission category. The Jusbe 2.4G wireless sound reinforcement solution can be used in a complex exhibition environment. Still able to maintain excellent microphone connection and uninterrupted use. This not only breaks the technical difficulties of the 2.4G wireless microphone, but also solves the pain points of teachers in the use process.

Jusbe paperless multimedia conference system terminal on the LCD touch screen with integrated functions such as video display and document reading, from data review, document annotation, to lecture introduction, conference recording, etc. Saying goodbye to the system, the system also implements conference control, management and services for meeting attendance, conference presentation, electronic voting, live video broadcasting, electronic whiteboard, communication prompts, and call services. At the same time, the Jusbe paperless conference system will soon be equipped with hardware-based remote video conferencing: one to four built-in MCUs, conference recording and broadcasting, and interactive functions will all become functional features. The advantages of local, remote, interactive and intelligent paperless intelligent interactive solutions are fully realized.

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Exhibition Name: The 49th National (Shenyang) Higher Education Equipment Exhibition

Exhibition time: May 25-27, 2017

Venue: Shenyang International Exhibition Center (No. 9 Huizhan Road, Sujiatun District, Shenyang)

Booth number: E2P11 (E2 Hall)