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[invitation] forty-ninth national higher education equipment exhibition, Jusbe (jusbe) with your Be There or Be Square!

2017/5/17 17:49:39

The forty-ninth session of the national higher education equipment exhibition will be held on May 25, 2017 -27 in Shenyang International Exhibition Center, national higher education equipment exhibition development after more than 25 years, has become the field of Higher Education held the longest, largest and most influential, the most wide radiating professional brand exhibition. This exhibition
Jusbe (jusbe) invites you to experience the latest solutions and products, experience of professional audio and video solutions.

higher long-distance pickup solution: the higher education exhibition, Jusbe (jusbe) will exhibit higher education distance latest pickup solutions, one of the highlights of the program is to remove the shackles of the traditional scheme of the speaker, the speaker in the classroom with a walk without wearing any pickup equipment. Processing chip using AI artificial intelligent speech separation algorithm to eliminate feedback, no matter how far or near distance speaker microphone, can achieve good sound effect, and energy saving, convenient maintenance, microphone without charge, preset system success, without adjustment, a boot system can be used normally.

soft and hard! Paperless intelligent interactive conferencing solutions

Jusbe (jusbe) paperless multimedia conference system terminal, touch screen function in a variety of integrated video display, reading and so on, from the data access and file comments, the record of the meeting...... All the participants were "farewell" to the paper. The system also implements the control management and service of conference signing, electronic voting, video broadcast, electronic whiteboard, communication prompting, call service and so on.
at the same time, a large wave of new functional paper also rushed to update: multi function remote video conferencing hardware terminal (built-in MCU), real name registration system, biometric software platform can support a variety of operating system, meeting recording function... Stay tuned..!