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Jusbe (jusbe) manages to build Liaoning Panjin fine chemical industry incubator Hall

2017/6/5 11:51:54

Background of the project

Liaoning Panjin Fine Chemicals Incubation Base commenced construction in April 2015. As of now, there are 29 incubator projects, all of which are high-tech enterprises. The products have high added value and strong core competitiveness, which can effectively enhance the innovation in Panjin and Shuangtaizi regions. The ability and skill level will promote the formation of fine chemical industrial clusters and stimulate the rapid development of regional economy.

Project requirements

The Jusbe audio system was stationed in the lecture hall of the Fine Chemicals Incubation Base. According to the actual needs of the venue, a coaxial audio system was adopted. Its stable performance and high fidelity sound quality were recognized by the leaders of the base.

System Features

The venue used 12 Jusbe TZ series coaxial speakers, with Jusbe CH series pure post power amplifier, KA-700 four channel pure post power amplifier, DF1 feedback suppressor, EQ2231 equalizer, JB- L8 mixers, FK-800 U stage handheld microphones and other equipment. The program provides clear sound effects for the venue and meets the need for sound reinforcement. Jusbe's one-stop conference system solution provides escort for conference sound reinforcement.

TZ Series Coaxial Speakers

TZ series coaxial loudspeakers fully utilize the latest sound reinforcement technology of the professional audio industry. The coaxial design of the point source adopts a diaphragm with a constant directional conical waveguide to drive the tweeter and low-frequency unit to provide 90 Axisymmetric directional output of °. The main advantage of using co-axial technology is that single-point source radiation has excellent phase response, which avoids the weakness of the typical polar lobe interference effects of the combination of traditional horn treble and low-frequency horn units, thereby solving the problem of phase deviation. The use of a conference room is recommended to minimize howling.