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Pay tribute to youth and dream! Jusbe (jusbe) broadcasting system for helping students college entrance examination smoothly!

2017/6/10 9:08:31

2017 is the resumption of college entrance examination for fortieth years, the country has 9 million 400 thousand students here to the college entrance exam, in this very important day, all walks of life are concerned about, and as far as possible to give support. In this important period, Jusbe (jusbe) in the same "pro forma".

6 7 -6 on day 8, in a safe and stable running state for digital IP broadcasting system of Rongxian County Middle School of Yulin city security jusbe construction, security examination work smoothly, the company pre established security work plan, the disposal of emergency and emergency plan, and to arrange the entrance on the eve of senior professional engineers stationed in the school. The
Jusbe (jusbe) to help college entrance examination service activities have been highly affirmed and praised the leadership, agreed that our company is a professional quality, have a high sense of responsibility for the occupation of team ! Next, Xiaobian take you to understand the Jusbe (jusbe) this can withstand application the characteristics of listening test broadcast task of digital IP broadcasting schemes!

project background
Rongxian County middle school is located in the beautiful hometown of overseas Chinese hometown Rongxian County County, the transportation is convenient, the cultural atmosphere is rich. Founded in 1907, formerly known as the "Guangxi provincial middle school in the state of Rongxian County, volume" is the earliest middle school, and Guangxi is one of the few bainianlaoxiao, enjoy "Bagui school" in the world. It has trained more than 50000 students for students all over the country, at home and abroad, has certain influence in the domestic and international. The school education facilities are perfect, the campus covers 89800 square meters, there are 3200 students, 198 teaching staff, and enough music and art equipment. All of them have reached the national standard. They have been awarded the honorary titles of 30 national, autonomous and municipal levels in Yulin.

elite school

project requirements
IP campus network broadcasting system is an indispensable part of the digital campus system, in order to meet the teaching requirements of campus broadcasting system for schools, customized development, meet the school teaching, management and service requirements. As a test center for college entrance examination, the design of Rongxian County middle school is not only used for daily school management and broadcasting, but also to meet the requirements of equipment stability and speech intelligibility in English listening system for college entrance examination.

Rongxian County middle school broadcasting main control room
system characteristics of

digital IP network broadcast system using TCP/IP network technology in today's world the most widely used, the audio signal to the IP packet protocol form transmission in LAN and WAN, to solve the traditional broadcasting system of the transmission distance is short, poor quality, maintenance and management of complex, interactive performance poor.

1. uses network transmission to avoid heavy frame lines, easy to use, easy to install and expand, wide coverage area, high fidelity sound quality, multi program output.
2. is based on the network, and uses distributed control. It does not need to be in the computer room. It can realize remote control on any computer.
3. has strong interactive performance and can be integrated with monitoring, fire control, door control and other systems. The
4. system is safe and reliable, can be compatible with the traditional backup server, broadcast signal, off-line timing bell etc..
broadcast performance is strong, can be independent, whole area, remote broadcast, can be a number of microphone for different areas paging broadcast.

Jusbe (jusbe) control IP broadcast control server software. Host JB-7900

built powerful standardized test sites, IP network broadcasting system connection diagram of main equipment of , a IP network broadcasting system, touch screen control is simple and easy to use, commonly used program material, large capacity space program source;
* for audio streaming VOD service function plan, task processing, terminal management and rights management;
management. The program resources for all network adapters provide timing playback and real-time on-demand media service, in response to the network adapter playback request, provides the data interface service for each audio workstation;
* digital transmission on LAN or Internet with independent IP as the main support for fast transmission media, network transmission, the transmission distance is not limited;
LAN. A computer workstation system according to the arbitrary authority size for broadcasting to the system, the system to add or delete programs;
* 8U frame type sheet metal chassis using international standard chassis structure, beautiful appearance, professional processing of CNC equipment, Aluminum Alloy panel, beautiful and practical.

two, IP network broadcasting system control software JB-7900R

. The system server is broadcasting system data exchange, system operation and functional operation of the integrated management platform for
* audio streaming VOD service, task processing, terminal management and rights management and other functions. The
management program resources for all digital broadcasting terminal offers regular play and the VOD service, in response to the terminal broadcast request data interface service

* * with multi terminal and user permissions for the workstation, according to the terminal and user permissions. The software safety management of
using USB encryption dog management, prevent outsiders to use, support 300 terminal access, can be expanded to 1000 terminal
it supports Window2003, WindowXP, Window7 (clean version)
system supports third Fang Ping. Taiwan embedded development, implementation and other system integration platform.
mobile phone APP control software can real-time control, mobile phone support APP radio, mobile phone direct terminal equipment management, task management, adjust the volume, tone adjustment, partition management, partition, partition of radio paging.
. The text broadcast, the text of
* Wifi terminal to play support in the form of language, to support the release of information, support lossless audio format transmission and playback, support system and terminal server remote automatic firmware upgrade, to support the import and export data backup.

three, IP network manager JB-DY45

* standard dual network interface support LAN and WAN;
. 4 power management, each power can achieve timing or manual open and close the
independent; * 4 audio line and 1 microphone input, each volume can be controlled independently;
with audio encoding. Function allows each input audio playback timing encoding any terminal;
mining. Broadcast mode with high, middle and bottom quality selection;

four, multi function digital player JZ-2217F

using imported digital electronic movement, has strong earthquake function, with high brightness dynamic VFD display clear
support CD VCD. Catch the eye. DVD, MP3, audio format, can be connected with the USB disk can play MP3 music
2 audio signals about channel output, output frequency range is 20~20KHz
By the touch button operation, select single player, playlist, single cycle, full circulation, stop playing, equipped with remote control

five, wall mounted speaker XL-202

* IP VOD standard dual network interface support LAN and Wan
. The 1 circuit input interface, 1 microphone input interface. Active speaker 15W rated power, which can realize local amplification.
set of 3 signal priority function, network alarm as the highest priority, priority to the local network audio audio, network audio playback automatically reply to this end state (Note: the optional offline pangleng function),

six desktop IP network paging transmitter JB-DJ01

* 3 inch bright LCD screen (resolution 128*64), touch keys and a shuttle control, easy to operate. The standard double
network. In support of LAN and Wan
. Full duplex two-way intercom function, realize the radio or intercom
. Remote call IP function input terminal, can realize the independent, grouping or call
file. Partition free choice of broadcasting, remote control service system on broadcast to any terminal, and can control the volume adjustment
. The on-site monitoring function, monitor
. Program function can be monitored for each pickup terminal working state, through the keyboard free VOD server panel on the songs on
using high point pickup microphone and 3W full frequency loudspeaker, the sound clear. The
terminal itself line input signal, real-time encoding high quality audio delivery to the designated terminal
. With calls and call bell prompt function, and also has a plurality of terminals Paging automatic queuing wait or transfer function