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The classroom teaching burden, Jusbe (jusbe) to create a division of a wheat "solution

2017/6/24 9:41:14

First, the program background

"The teacher, preaching, teaching, and dispelling doubts." Teachers must accomplish the dual task of both teaching and educating people. It is impossible for a teacher not to have a good sister-in-law. The most common occupational disease for teachers is throat disease, because they have to lecture every day and speak loudly. In addition, they must “eat” chalk dust all day long. Medical experts believe that teachers are very frequently used, and often because of excessive use of voice, and do not pay attention to voice health care, scratchy, silent chronic pharyngitis becomes a common disease.

In addition, according to relevant data, the fixed microphones that most classrooms in the country had previously "limited" the teachers to the podium, and the teachers could not walk around freely to interact with the students. The traditional teaching of sound reinforcement has gone through the phase of hand-held wired microphone stage, wireless microphone or stage of wearing a small loudspeaker and the use of a frequency shifter or interface microphone for local sound reinforcement. These traditional methods of sound amplification have their fatal problems:

      1. Using handheld wired microphones severely constrains the teacher's hands and range of activity;

      2. The use of traditional wireless microphones is easily interfered with by wireless devices, which can easily generate howling and increase the burden on teachers;

Wired handheld microphone

       3. Wear small loudspeakers (class bees):

● poor sound quality, especially the use of small bees in language courses can easily lead to non-standard pronunciation;

       ● The sound field is seriously uneven: Teachers and students near the teacher receive a loud volume. Students who are far from the teacher receive a small volume and may not be able to hear clearly. The volume received by the teacher is always the largest, and long-term use will Teacher's hearing damages;

● Wear extra equipment to teach while increasing the teacher's teaching burden;

● The device needs frequent battery replacement, increasing the use and management burden.

Therefore, the sound reinforcement equipment in classroom teaching is indispensable, and the Jusbe FQ-650 sound reinforcement system solves these two problems at the same time, and the teachers are “liberated” from the podium. The teachers are In classroom teaching, students can freely move in the classroom and interact with students. This greatly improves the teaching resources and environment, greatly improves the effectiveness of classroom teaching, and reduces related diseases caused by excessive use of jealousy.


       Second, the program features

        FQ-650 multi-function green board active speaker is Jusbe sound is mainly used with the green (black) board, push-pull blackboard application of primary and secondary schools, in the design is more compatible with the green board, large-angle arc-shaped corner human design Maximize the safety of all users. Products integrated speakers, amplifiers, microphones as a whole, the installation is more simple, more convenient to use. The product adopts a dedicated high-speed floating-point digital signal processor and industry-leading noise cancellation and feedback suppression algorithms to achieve a wide range of sound picking. At the same time, it can effectively prevent howling caused by external noise and sound feedback. High-definition pick-up capabilities provide ultimate audio quality and sound reinforcement. The FQ-650 is equipped with a 2.4G wireless microphone, which is flexible and easy to use. It is ready to use, and truly enables easy and free sound reinforcement. The microphone uses digital frequency-locking technology and can be paired with any FQ-650. It no longer has to endure the restraint and containment of the microphone sharing. It is truly a division and wheat. It is fully applicable to classrooms, conference venues and other occasions.

       Specific functions are described as follows:

       1) The unique distortion-free dynamic noise cancellation function can filter out the ambient noise and automatic gain function, thereby improving the signal to noise ratio and improving the sound quality;

       2) Self-adaptive full-band feedback suppression function is built in. Due to the adoption of an adaptive room feedback cancellation algorithm which is completely different from the traditional feedback suppressor, the self-excited howling can be eliminated and no field configuration is required;

       3) Realistic high-fidelity PA effects: Full range of high-fidelity sound reinforcement effects, sound diffusion is good, can cover the entire scene without dead ends;

       4) The device has a Bluetooth function, which can be directly connected to a Bluetooth device such as a mobile phone to connect wirelessly and play music, enriching the life after class;

       5) Comes with MP3 player function, supports high-speed USB2.0, SD/MMC/XD/MS card and other media, and can achieve software upgrade;

       6) FM digital tuner is convenient for receiving broadcast teaching, with IR / infrared remote control, can control the volume level / up and down / mute, automatically search for available radio, etc.;

       7) With infrared frequency, 2.4G wireless microphone transmission, using advanced digital PA processing technology, so that 2.4G digital microphone can still effectively avoid transmission interference under complex use environment. At the same time, the microphone has a laser pointer function with a page up and down button.

      Third, the program's components

      Multifunctional green board active speaker FQ-650

      Jusbe multi-function green board active speaker FQ-650, deployed in each classroom, the specific shape as shown below.