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|Jusbe (jusbe) represent the general trend of new high-speed Guangdong Shaoguan power, build environmentally friendly and efficient paperless meetings

2017/7/3 9:46:00

Background of the project

recently, Jusbe (jusbe) completed the Guangdong province new Shao Expressway Co. no renovation project of the wireless discussion system and the local audio conference system, paper.
Guangdong Province Shao Expressway Company Limited was established in 1985, with the highway investment, construction and operation management of the main business, Guangdong province is one of the main highway owners. After more than thirty years of development, more than 30 highways with important regional impacts have been built in succession. The total mileage is 2519 kilometers, which has made a positive contribution to improve the comprehensive transportation network of Guangdong Province, promote the coordinated development of the region and serve the people's travel.

in recent years, according to the requirements of building a conservation minded society, the state has actively advocated the concept of "saving paper, green and low carbon" on paper consumption, and urged all government departments to actively promote digitalized office and reduce the consumption of paper products in office. Guangdong Province Shao new expressway company limited in response to the national call, select Jusbe (jusbe) paperless interactive intelligent conference system, the project has completed the installation and acceptance.

JH series lifts the whole process demonstration video

two, the project demand 1., the paperless function is comprehensive, reasonable and practical, and has the basic functions of check-in, vote, comment, annotation, document demonstration and so on. The
2. system is simple and easy to operate, convenient for daily management and maintenance, and also has a strong stability. It is suitable for application in strict meeting places. The
3. wireless conference system must conform to the international standard of the industry mainstream, adopt the technology of digital audio processing and transmission, the system runs stably, the sound quality is clear, and the anti-interference ability is strong. The
4. loudspeaker must be installed to make the meeting more tidy, comfortable and beautiful, and to meet the requirements of clear sound quality.

Jusbe (jusbe) scheme of paperless conference system is a system designed for meeting the government party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, a large group of tailored, provide powerful functions of conference management, including:
- conference information upload - conference annotation
- meeting in the meeting the speaker -
- switch the meeting issued a vote - Data -
Conference - reading conference materials to clear
Jusbe (jusbe) paperless conference system can help the conference organizers greatly reduce the work pressure, easily meeting site management, improve the efficiency of the meeting participants at the same time, save a lot of cost of printing and projection equipment, fully meet the national low carbon and environmental protection the concept of.