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Chinese Equipment Industry Association for the education of provincial representatives visit jusbe group visit

2017/8/4 18:05:16

Recently, Chinese Educational Equipment Industry Association on behalf of the line of more than 40 people, in the leadership of the Guangdong Provincial Education Equipment Association led to jusbe group visit guidance. Jusbe Group Chairman Xia Yongxin led the executive team to accompany the warm reception. Chairman Xia Yongxin reported to the leaders on the overall operation, core technical advantages, service characteristics and future development plans of the group.

the next visit, the delegates listened attentively to the operation of the jusbe field experience, teaching reinforcement scheme of the latest and professional stage audio sound reinforcement. Gaby after several years of growth, has become the domestic well-known audio products and solutions provider, customer groups and user groups have covered the various provinces and autonomous regions nationwide.

, through on-site visits and exchanges, has been highly affirmed by the representatives from different provinces. Our Future Ltd will continue to innovate, continue to improve the overall production and R & D strength of the company, and contribute to the development of China's educational informatization.