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What are the new patterns of "digital IP" when the campus radio meets?

2017/9/12 10:02:18

project, for the education. Education is the foundation of the country, the mark of the prosperity of the nation, whether a country has the potential for development, and the education of the country. Whether a country is able to be rich and strong is also an education. In any situation, in any era and in any society, education can not be ignored. And the burden of education is the school. The difference between the traditional
campus radio digital IP broadcasting technology

Yunnan province city Jiangcheng Siyuan experimental school

traditional campus broadcasting and digital IP broadcasting backward compatibility, expansibility of pure digital broadcasting system, powerful sound quality and single function, better sound quality management lack of reliability cannot be remote control more complex installation and maintenance the inconvenience of high failure rate, simple and easy installation, convenient maintenance 
project background of Pu'er City of Yunnan province Jiangcheng Siyuan experimental school covers an area of more than 100 acres, a total investment of about 90000000 yuan. According to the requirements of the national standardized school buildings, it is divided into middle and small schools, and the construction scale is 54 classes, which can accommodate 2700 students. There are ordinary classrooms, functional classrooms, instrument storage rooms, student dormitories and 400 meters standard sports ground, 5 basketball courts and 5 volleyball courts. The main project was completed at the end of the year and was officially enforced in the 9 year of 2017. In order to accelerate the construction of education informatization, Pu'er City Siyuan school selected campus digital IP broadcasting system by jusbe build.

[project needs]
1 and teaching area have more than 55 classrooms, outdoor is divided into multiple areas.
2, to achieve multiple programs at the same time, to ensure that each class can listen to their broadcast content at the same time. It can meet the needs of different grades of audio teaching and examination.
3, no matter how the classroom changes, can realize the broadcast broadcast to each class, realize the hearing test, open the parent's meeting, etc. Do not need to re adjust the layout;
4, requirements of the broadcast system can according to the school timetable, automatically broadcast on the bell, broadcast gymnastics and eye exercises; backup system
5, system network failure;
6, any teacher can bring the U disk audio teaching;
7, the administrator wants to in any position all over the campus LAN can management to the entire broadcasting system.

outdoor column installation

outdoor column wall effect

IP network bidirectional VOD intercom terminal installed

system [function]
1. system with the offline function, even if the server power does not affect the normal use of the whole system, the network is the case, can the normal playback timing task;
2. audio playback, you can also play a unified or different sound sources at one or more locations and different;
3. format diversification, the system supports MP3, WAV, OGG, PCM, ADPCM format audio playback;
4. microphone paging function, paging microphone can be one-to-one or one to many paging speech;
5. timing task the function, the system can not only develop several sets of general regular tasks, but also to develop a channel timing task;
6. demand function, the classroom terminal The terminal device can broadcast songs and channels in the main server. The
7. partition function can set up the terminal area, integrate the terminals of each grade together, and facilitate operation;
8. local play, the classroom terminal can play locally.

equipment list
brand name

Jusbe IP network broadcast system the number of units in the control of the host
1Jusbe IP network broadcast system control software 2Jusbe IP network broadcast system control software encryption dog 1Jusbe radio paging transmitter
1Jusbe multifunctional digital player 1Jusbe AM/FM digital tuner
1Jusbe IP timing network manager
1Jusbe IP
1Jusbe to monitor the 16 power station 1Jusbe
sequencer desktop IP network paging 1Jusbe microphone mounted IP network bidirectional VOD intercom terminal 55Jusbe 55Jusbe
wireless microphone wall speaker 1Jusbe antenna signal amplifier 1Jusbe bidirectional IP network on-demand broadcasting amplifier
5Jusbe large-scale outdoor all-weather luxury sound column