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Jusbe (jusbe) help in Xinjiang Belt and Road Initiative education core area, build sound campus informatization

2017/10/27 9:40:47

project in Midong District of Urumqi Autonomous Region Bureau of education to meet the standard of acceptance, for upgrading the existing part of the school facility needs, combined with the education development status in Midong District, m Eastern District, under the support of the government, increase the primary and secondary school construction investment, the new plan for the implementation of 20 projects reconstruction and extension.

Urumqi 122 middle school (civil service district nine years consistent school) and Urumqi 123 middle school (revitalization village nine year consistent school) are two of 3 newly built projects. The newly built comprehensive teaching building of 122 middle schools is 12000 square meters, and the comprehensive teaching building of 123 middle schools is 16000 square meters. Two schools are using Jusbe (jusbe) complete IP network broadcasting system, and recently completed the task of teaching; and better service to the school, to promote education informatization.

outdoor sound column installation effect
[project requirement]
achieves independent partition control: broadcast any group of all network terminals, so that each classroom can listen to the same or different content broadcast at the same time.
automatic timing tasks: according to the school schedule, in response to the bell demand in the specific time and place, you can customize various ring scheme; automatic operation of the whole system, unattended.
fire fighting linkage: the system can be connected seamlessly with the fire alarm system to realize the radio fire alarm.

outdoor column installation effect of

classroom classes and IP radio speaker installation effect

classroom corridor Ceiling Speaker installation effect

system function:
1. system is offline function, even if the server power does not affect the normal use of the whole system, the network is the case, can also the normal playback timing task;
2. independent partition control, controlled by software packet, can be independently controlled in each region, each grade and each class;
3. through software control of each region broadcast, can use manual timing playback, playback, CD player, tuner program broadcasting functions
4. timing task, the system can not only develop several sets of general regular tasks, but also to develop channel timing task;
5. fire, through the fire fire linkage system intelligent interface In an emergency, play automatically shield the background music, start the emergency broadcast;
6. principal rooms, Dean room, grade director can be set according to the remote paging station, on the management of their class or remote speech or notice;
7. support hand machine APP remote control, through the mobile phone terminal remote control playback the volume, size, can channel playback, remote control. You can also play the songs in the phone directly to the designated terminal.