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"The glory of peer win future jusbe group in 2017 third quarter summary and commendation mobilization meeting ended

2017/10/27 10:05:29

2017 on 06 October, October autumn, cool wind. Jusbe group ushered in an extraordinary day, "the glory of peer win future jusbe group in 2017 third quarter summary and commendation mobilization meeting was held in Nan Fang Yi Yuan Hotel.

better than group staff
jusbe Group Chairman Mr. Xia Yongxin, President Mr. Huang Xiaofeng, Mr. Wu akamine, with a subsidiary of the group in Guangzhou Jia Ethiopia, Guangzhou, Hunan, Fuzhou branch to a new peak Liuzhou a new peak Liuzhou, Accton integration, import audio Brand Company attended the meeting, nearly 200 people gathered together to witness the exciting part of this meeting.Mr. Huang Xiaofeng win the future glory of peer group president

spoke up before the start of the meeting, the president announced the jusbe group business in the third quarter has made a historic breakthrough. This result thanks to the leaders of the group wise decision and all better than unremittingly efforts, these results give us hope for the future better than.

representatives from various regional business elites came to the stage to summarize the work in the first three quarters, and expressed confidence in the fourth season's tasks. More areas have already completed the annual sales task ahead of schedule. Then Mr. Huang Xiaofeng, the president of the group, made a summary of the sales in the first three quarters of the group and affirmed the achievements made in the first three quarters of 2017. The future, jusbe are still facing a lot of opportunities, better than group all the elite professional ability, the more confidence to meet the challenges and opportunities.
with condensed witness a special personal achievement award Chen Zhuangxu receive thirty thousand yuan cash reward

personal special contribution award Shen Jing to receive twenty thousand yuan cash reward outstanding management award

Yang Yin will receive a Audi car

outstanding management award Chen Jieqiong will receive a BMW car

Hunan team won the team a new peak Liuzhou Special Contribution Award and cash one hundred thousand yuan reward
jusbe Group sales in the third quarter and achieved a historic breakthrough, cannot do without the company of outstanding individuals, good management and excellent team work hard, they are pioneering pioneer, is the example of devotion to duty, is a model of my dedication, our staff learning model. The field commended and awarded the third quarter and the annual personal special contribution award, the outstanding management contribution award and the team special contribution award in the third quarter and the year. Thanks to the front of his comrades in the 2017 annual pay, invincible, invincible, reap!
[] Mr. Wu Mingfeng to accelerate forward innovation mode

group, detailed interpretation of "AVC" mode of

in the face of increasingly fierce competition in the market environment, in the premise of targeting the market demand, jusbe Group CEO Wu Mingfeng Wu present detailed interpretation of jusbe starting from "AV" to "AVC". The evolution of AV has begun to integrate with the development of various information technology and adjust the development direction to the application end demand, that is, the application scenario scheme sales. The future, better than professional audio and video interoperability solutions will be widely used in government agencies, public security, military defense, transportation, hotels, stadiums, schools and other places. The ubiquitous interconnection greatly enhance the scope of use of the meeting, to solve the practical difficulties of users use, give users a better experience, regardless of the user terminal, which the network, what kind of access, can be integrated into the same meeting at the same time, can obtain high-definition video, high fidelity sound quality meeting so, the remote video conferencing application to play the maximum value.

jusbe Group Chairman Mr. Xia Yongxin published propaganda mobilization
jusbe Group Chairman Mr. Xia Yongxin in his speech, thank all partners of the first three quarters of 2017 also called on all stand together through storm and stress, better than people full of confidence, cherish the jusbe platform. The new journey has begun, the fourth quarter still arduous task, let us Yuezhanyueyong, in the leadership of the wise decision under the leadership of all staff unity and hard work, as long as we are not afraid of hard work, the future will be full of sunshine, our cause will be more glorious and resplendent's three day conference also includes colorful products, programs and technology training to enhance the comprehensive capabilities of business and technical personnel.