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How to build a large multimedia exhibition hall? Better than take you into the organic Valley China Beitou

2017/10/27 10:44:58

multimedia exhibition hall is the direction for future exhibitions of museums, technology museums, theme pavilions, even commercial exhibitions. However, the collaborative innovation of such cultural undertakings and technology industry involves the comprehensive application of knowledge and achievements of different disciplines. The design of exhibition hall should consider not only the application of various frontier display technologies, but also the harmony and integration between the technological means, equipment, historical and cultural contents, and the environment of the general exhibition. Jusbe (jusbe) which combined the application through its own audio products and video, animation, pictures, text and other media, cooperate to promote the audience's visual and auditory and other sensory and behavior, to create a new visit experience, improve its ornamental, explore interest. 

project China Organic Valley, a piece of the country's largest and most dynamic organic farming area, planning area of more than 10 thousand square kilometers, including Nanzhang, Gucheng and Baokang, Laohekou city. It is an organic agricultural enrichment area with excellent production, intensive processing, scientific and technological innovation, leisure tourism, beautiful countryside and ecological protection. Seven major functional zoning will be built: Planning Exhibition and administrative area, Organic Valley Festival square area, organic agricultural products exhibition and trading area, organic farming experience education area, organic agricultural products trading center and organic ecological zone. Chinese Organic Valley Exhibition Center and support center by Jusbe (jusbe) series of products, and recently completed project acceptance, has obtained the high praise of users.

in this project needs a large multimedia digital exhibition hall adopts a plurality of sets of audio solutions: digital cinema, IP professional broadcasting system, linear system, an advanced technology, production essence, variety, excellent quality of the green industry "complete presentation.
Digital Cinema: cinema sound reached commercial theater, which can meet the speech and the meeting exhibition center;
: linear array system for commercial screen display center main screen area and the regional commercial screen sound requirements, to achieve the aesthetic effect, linear system is embedded in the wall body, and does not affect the sound effect;
the exhibition hall in the exhibition center: public area within the scope of the entire network terminal arbitrary packet radio, the realization of the exhibition at the same time can listen to the same or different content broadcast.

system function
cinema system:
is configured to meet the requirements of 300 commercial online cinemas for the movie return system.
has 7.1 channel digital movie decoders, fully conforming to the industry standards of THX, DTS, and Dolby.
large diameter can be adjusted to the horn design, to meet the different site and use of SPL requirements.
has high clarity and clarity, and the effect is shocking and realistic.
has the free switching of film mode and conference mode, intelligent and flexible use.

linear amplification system:
line source array system used in high frequency linear phase waveguide technology, to ensure coverage of the entire system are from the near to the distant sound in the best sound pressure level was the highest. The
system sets the functions of signal frequency division, concomitant adjustment, delay, and pressure limiter. The
system adopts the right and left sound track stereo design, the sound field is covered evenly, the sound is fine and full, and the dynamic remainder is sufficient.

IP network broadcasting system:
paging function: it can call multiple terminals, partitions, and regions. At the same time, desktop microphone terminals can also call other terminals, partitions, and districts.
regular program play: each IP terminal of IP network has independent address, which can receive the personalized regular play program and play regularly.
real time audio broadcast radio programs: IP mining mining real-time communication function can be occupied: Radio, tape recorder cassette, CD player, MP3 player, microphone and other programs real-time acquisition and real-time compression into high quality data stream to the server, and at the same time according to the requirements of broadcast to the specified network adapter, for external radio spots and broadcast notification.
fire alarm broadcasting: with 32 road fire signal input interface, combined with fire intelligent interface to receive fire short circuit signal, the fire fighting linkage function can be carried out.

show invited fiftieth national higher education equipment exhibition time:
November 2, 2017 -4
Venue: Nanjing International Expo Center
booth No.: 7P22

seventy-third Chinese education equipment exhibition time:
December 26, 2017 -28
location: Chinese import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall
booth No. 3.1: A015