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Revelation: what is the end of the year award for this company?

2018/1/18 9:56:24

At the beginning of the
, better than group second grant ceremony held at the Nan Fang Yi Yuan Hotel group, better than three founding shareholder Xia Yongxin, Huang Xiaofeng, Wu Mingfeng and the members of the board of directors respectively group Hunan Branch Sales Director Yang Yin, Guangdong regional sales director Chen Jieqiong group, Guangxi group, regional sales director Li Chunlin group Hunan Branch Sales Manager Jiang Zhenglin, group Shenzhen regional sales director Luo Diping five sales management grant car, give them 40-60 yuan with a value ranging from Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi each car, through long-term efforts for their outstanding achievements. The

award ceremony in the car development of the group's more than 200 employees to witness the ceremony that give a car pulled open prelusive

group Hunan Branch Sales Director Yang silver

group Guangdong Regional Sales Director - Chen Jieqiong

group in Guangxi Regional Sales Director - Li Chunlin

group Hunan Branch Sales Manager - ginger Zhenglin

group Shenzhen regional sales director Luo di

company by the team, but also cannot do without these managers' effort, their business would like to think that the company needed help, trying to do everything possible to expand sales, increase sales, to mobilize all positive factors, promoting the development of the company, better than the future of the group cannot do without their help!

jusbe Group Chairman Mr. Xia Yongxin said, this is a symbol of the strength of the key, it represents the group made remarkable achievements, it brought together a group of highly recognized you winning management, it indicates that the jusbe group will open a new journey. This is better than
since the group began to carry on outstanding talent award since August 2016 second "car, now the car has been granted is not only a kind of incentive policy, it is the formation of a corporate culture, the partnership enterprise culture will make everyone burst into hitherto unknown ability. Better than with professional products and service development so far, step by step, firm and steadfast came, continuous innovation, and constantly go beyond, to set an example for the industry. In 2018, the Group believes jusbe tomorrow will be more brilliant!