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[news] jusbe won the "2016 annual Guangzhou city science and technology innovation of small giant enterprises" title

2018/1/18 14:05:23

Recently, Guangzhou Jia Shakespeare electronic technology limited company (hereinafter referred to as "better than") with first-class technological innovation strength and huge market potential, smoothly through the review, won the "Guangzhou city science and technology innovation of small giant enterprises" title.

according to the "Guangzhou city science and technology little giant foster enterprise support Interim Measures" requirements, with strong technical innovation ability must participate in the "little giant enterprise technology selection of the company, and has a rigid proportion of R & D investment and growth requirements, must be innovative vitality and growth of innovative enterprises is good, big market potential.
technology can change the world! Science and technology have brought new experiences to our lives, work and study. In 2010, jusbe formally established operations center, began the development and innovation of special phonetic video field, and has been committed to provide users with a one-stop solution for audio and video.
2018, better than the introduction of new AVC professional audio and video interoperability solutions, and solutions to become the first domestic fusion of audio and video signals and control in one of the major AV providers. With the progress of science and technology, the signal source and the application requirements of audio and video in the continuous improvement of video signal from the initial low analog signal to the emergence and application of 4K and now 8K signal, the audio signal from the original "can sound" requirements now evolved into universal application of 7.1 channel control, from manual to focus and then to now, centralized solutions distributed hardware software, which put forward higher requirements for audio and video and control solutions.

with the development of codec technology, digital technology and IP network technology, audio and video system (Audio